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I Energy BOOT Model

   I Energy finance the capital required for commissioning of the solar plant.
   I Energy design, engineer, procure the components of the solar system.
   I Energy construct, install, test and commission the solar power plant.
   I Energy Ltd shall manage operation and maintenance of the solar plant and best in class service for uninterrupted power supply to the client on a mutually
     agreed non-escalating tariff varying from 10 to 20 year.
   In case the clients wishes, the solar plant can be transferred to the client free of cost after minimum contract period of 10 years.

Benefits & Opportunities in Pay & Use I Energy Plant
   I Energy Boot Model for 100Kw and above works at a good reasonable price per unit.
   I Energy Plant works on “ZERO Investment Principle” and “No O&M” cost liability.
   I Energy Pay & Use Solar Plant starts benefiting its user from the day one and this benefit starts escalating Year on Year.
   Hassle free use of substantial solar units per day without making any changes in the electrical standards and setup in the company.
   Transfer of the solar plant to the client after completing Solar Power Purchase Agreement without any dispute.

Why I Energy Pay & Use Service is unique
   I Energy provides guaranteed Performance Ratio (PR) Ratio and payback for the loss in generated units.
   I Energy offers a unique Solar Energy Management Dashboard that provides its clients real-time update with the performance and savings from the I Energy
     power plants.
   I Energy provides multiple solar tariff options to its clients under the BOOT model to choose from as per their suitability.